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Chemischer Mediensensor, Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung sowie Verwendungszwecke

Porous, nano-granular electrode layers producing method for e.g. FET, in internal combustion engine, involves coating substrate with non-granular particles of catalytic active substance using physical vapor deposition with preset pressure
: Vergöhl, M.; Jung, T.; Martin, A.; Krauss, A.

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DE 102009057697 A: 20091203
DE 102009057697 A: 20091203
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DE 102009057697 A1 UPAB: 20110629 NOVELTY - The method involves coating a substrate with non- granular particles of a catalytically active substance using physical vapor deposition with an operating pressure in a range of 0.001 to 5 millibars. Average particle diameter of the nano-granular particle lies between 10 and 50 nanometers. The substance is selected from main group metal e.g. indium, transition metal e.g. platinum, palladium, gold, iridium, rhodium, ruthenium, hafnium, ytterbium, zirconium, titanium, scandium, niobium, and/or rhenium, lanthanide e.g. lanthanum and/or cerium, and alloys and/or mixture. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a chemical media sensor comprising an electrode coating on a substrate. USE - Method for producing porous, nano-granular electrode layers for chemical media sensors e.g. capacitive media sensor, field-effect resistive media sensor i.e. FET, resistive media sensor, semiconductor gas sensor or complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-gas sensor for detection of nitrogen oxides, ammonia, hydrocarbons, oxygen and/or for after-treatment in an internal combustion engine e.g. piston engine or aircraft engines, and sensor for gaseous and/or liquid analytes (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - The method allows production of porous, nano-granular electrode layers in a simple and cost effective manner with better homogeneity of the porous structure.