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Wireless implantable electronic platform for blood glucose level monitoring

: Valdastri, P.; Susilo, E.; Förster, T.; Strohhöfer, C.; Menciassia, A.; Dario, P.

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Procedia chemistry. Online journal 1 (2009), No.1, pp.1255-1258
ISSN: 1876-6196
Eurosensors <23, 2009, Lausanne>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IZM-M

A wireless programmable electronic platform for implantable monitoring of blood glucose level (BGL) was developed and preliminary tested on bench. This system allows extremely low power bidirectional telemetry, based on the IEEE802.15.4-2003 protocol, thus enabling typical battery lifetime up to six months and wireless networking of multiple sensors. During a single BGL measurement, the circuit drives a laser diode, for sensor excitation, and acquires the amplified signals coming from four different photodetectors. The electronics is designed to be integrated in a complete system for BGL monitoring to be implanted for at least six months under the skin of diabetic patients.