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Macro-modelling via radial basis functionen nets

: Wiegand, C.; Fischer, C.; Kazemzadeh, R.; Hedayat, C.; John, W.; Hilleringmann, U.

Advances in radio science 6 (2008), pp.139-143
ISSN: 1684-9965
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZM ()

By the rising complexity and miniaturisation of the device's dimensions, the density of the conductors increases considerably. Referring to this, locally transient interactions between single physical values become apparent. Therefore, for the investigation and optimisation of integrated circuits it is essential to develop suitable models and simulation surroundings which allow for memory and timeefficient calculation of the behaviour. By means of the dynamic reconstruction theory and the radial basis functions nets the so-called black box models are provided. The description of black box models is derived from the input and output behaviour or so-called time series of a dynamic system. Concerning the time series, the black box model adapts its parameters via the extended Kalman filter. This paper provides a modelling approach that enables fast and efficient simulations.