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Efficient passive network description of IC conducted emission models for model reduction

: Ludwig, S.; Radi-Weissenfeld, L.; Mathis, W.; John, W.

Advances in radio science. Online journal 6 (2008), pp.133-137
ISSN: 1684-9973
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZM ()

This article adresses the model reduction of IC conducted emission models. A method to efficiently deal with the high number of independent sources in IC conducted emission models, which are a strong limitation for model order reduction, is presented. A network alteration is proposed, which allows for a much higher model reduction than standard approaches. The system of the altered network can be more efficiently reduced with standard model order reduction algorithms in order to speed up frequency-simulations. Synthesising the reduced system into a passive electrical network enables fast time-simulations to be made with circuit simulators. The whole procedure is validated by reducing an example of an IC conducted emission model of an 32 Bit microcontroller.