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Temperature and humidity control of a micro PEM fuel cell stack

: Kunde, C.; Hanke-Rauschenbach, R.; Mangold, M.; Kienle, A.; Sundmacher, K.; Wagner, S.; Hahn, R.


Fuel Cells 10 (2010), No.6, pp.949-959
ISSN: 1615-6846
ISSN: 1615-6854
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZM ()

This paper deals with the control of a miniaturised fuel cell system. A single air blower is used to control both heat and water management of the fuel cell. As the number of manipulated variables is smaller than the number of control variables, classical control algorithms are not applicable. To find a suitable controller, a system model is developed that shows the qualitatively same behaviour as the experimental setup. The dynamic behaviour of the model and the influence of the blower are studied by phase portraits. A control algorithm is then conceived by qualitative analysis of the phase portraits and tested in simulations.