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Clearly transport

: Müller, K.; Nechwatal, A.; Hauspurg, C.; Müller, M.; Jansen, I.

Kunststoffe international 101 (2011), No.1, pp.43-46
ISSN: 1862-4243
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWS ()

Four polymers, polycarbonate (PC), polyamides (PA), polymethyl methacrylate 45 (PMMA 45), and PMMA 65, were studied for their suitability at bonding glass and plastic. The stress-strain behavior in tension of these polymers at different temperatures was studied. Using the open air process, the polymer surfaces underwent precision cleaning and functionalization, resulting in interactions including covalent bonds between the substrate surfaces and adhesive matrix. By removing surface impurities, ultrasonic cleaning increases the strength of the adhesive bond in all polymer types. As a result of exposure to the alternating temperatures and moisture levels in the climate chamber tests, the strength values decreases by more than 50% from the initial values. With a residual strength of 5% after exposure in the Suntest, the PS 4442 adhesive exhibits very low aging resistance.