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Simulation entlang der Prozesskette

Vom Walzen bis zum Crash
Simulation along the process chain. From rolling to crash
: Krasowsky, A.; Schmitt, W.

Konstruktion (2006), No.6, pp.IW4-IW5
ISSN: 0373-3300
ISSN: 0720-5953
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()

Die Simulation einzelner Herstellungsschritte, aber auch des Crashverhaltens, wird in der Automobilindustrie bereits mit großem Erfolg eingesetzt und hilft, Kosten und Zeit einzusparen. Einen weiteren qualitativen Sprung in den Möglichkeiten der Simulation erwarten Forschungsinstitute und ihre Kunden aus der Industrie, wenn zukünftig nicht mehr nur einzelne Prozesse separat, sondern die gesamte Prozesskette "integral" simuliert wird.


The simulation of individual manufacturing steps including crash behavior has already been used successfully in the automobile industry and helps to save costs and time. Research institutes and their customers from industry expect another qualitative leap in the possibilities of simulation in which not only individual processes but the entire process chain is "integrally" simulated. The automobile requires increasingly shorter development times and lightweight construction solutions for weight reduction. Especially in the past decades sheet metal working has increased. Numerical simulations in modeling at different steps in production are today an important component of almost every development of processes and parts. The path from material production to finished product as a rule has several manufacturing steps. The resulting material properties are in an emphatic way limited by the manufacturing process of the semi-finished product and are modified at each individual step. The usual method of proceeding, to determine from tests the model parameters for each process step is costly and also inexact because the material properties often are site-dependent. An attractive alternative is therefore a general simulation of the overall process chain that follows in particular the material properties. Research in this direction at the Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM attempts to integrate individual simulation steps into a simulation chain. The discussion covers as examples some aspects of such a process chain simulation in terms of sheet metal components. Diagrams and graph.