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Improvement of functional properties of rapeseed protein concentrates produced via alcoholic processes by thermal and mechanical treatments

: Barbin, D.F.; Natsch, A.; Müller, K.


Journal of food processing and preservation 35 (2011), No.3, pp.369-375
ISSN: 0145-8892
ISSN: 1745-4549
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()

Plant protein products produced via alcoholic extraction procedures often show a deterioration of their functional characteristics. The aim of this study was to modify rapeseed protein concentrates (RPCs) obtained by alcoholic extraction using different treatments in order to reconstitute their functional properties and to evaluate the influences of different modification procedures. It could be shown that a heat treatment at alkaline pH resulted in significant lower emulsification capacity (232mL/g) but led to amelioration of water binding capacity (4.9mL/g) and emulsion stability (95%). Heat treatment was also connected with loss in protein solubility whereas homogenization at high pressure revealed maintenance of protein solubility of the RPC concurrent with a significant higher emulsion capacity (357mL/g) and emulsion stability (83%) in comparison with the untreated RPC (335mL/g and 56%, respectively). Homogenization technique for RPC seems to be a promising tool fo r the development of applications in bakery or meat products.