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Ecotoxicological assessment of p-chloroaniline - Fate and effects in aquatic systems

: Könnecker, G.; Boehncke, A.; Schmidt, S.

Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 12 (2003), No.6, pp.589-593
ISSN: 1018-4619
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITEM ()

The high production volume (HPV)-compound, p-chloroaniline, was evaluated with respect to its ecotoxicological impact upon aquatic systems. This was accomplished by employing the applicable EU-guidelines for the risk assessment of new and existing substances and by using available data. Accordingly, a risk quotient was obtained by employing a PEC and a PNEC derived from available data. We do presume that, in general, this compound does not pose a serious risk for the aquatic environment. However, by accidental spill or under conditions unfavourable for biotic or abiotic decomposition, p-chloroaniline might pose a potential risk for sensitive aquatic species.