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Nano-scratch studies on diamond-like carbon coatings on various materials applied in micro actuators

: Pape, F.; Yildiz-Unveren, H.H.; Gatzen, H.-H.; Küster, R.; Bandorf, R.; Bräuer, G.

Tribologie und Schmierungstechnik 55 (2008), No.2, pp.21-25
ISSN: 0724-3472
ISSN: 0036-6218
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IST ()

The properties of interfaces of functional parts used in micro actuators are very important to guarantee a high reliability for the whole life cycle of the device. In this paper, surface modifications by the deposition of diamond-like carbon (DLC) were studied with the aim of the improvement of the tribological properties. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) was applied to reveal the surface structure. The mechanical properties and wear of the materials with a DLC coating were characterized using nanoindentation techniques. The influence of the coating thickness on the wear behavior of different substrates was investigated by single and oscillating scratch tests. Nano-scratch tests were applied to study the scratch resistance. The measurements showed an increase in surface hardness and wear resistance by the deposition of the DLC layers.