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Production of V0 pairs in the hyperon experiment WA89

: Adamovich, M.I.; Alexandrov, Y.A.; Baranov, S.P.; Barberis, D.; Beck, M.; Bérat, C.; Beusch, W.; Boss, M.; Brons, S.; Brückner, W.; Buénerd, M.; Busch, C.; Büscher, C.; Charignon, F.; Chauvin, J.; Chudakov, E.A.; Dersch, U.; Dropmann, F.; Engelfried, J.; Faller, F.; Fournier, A.; Gerassimov, S.G.; Godbersen, M.; Grafström, P.; Haller, T.; Heidrich, M.; Hubbard, E.; Hurst, R.B.; Königsmann, K.; Konorov, I.; Kovalenko, S.; Keller, N.; Martens, K.; Martin, P.; Masciocchi, S.; Michaels, R.; Müller, U.; Neeb, H.; Newbold, D.; Newsom, C.; Paul, S.; Pochodzalla, J.; Potashnikova, I.; Povh, B.; Ren, Z.; Rey-Campagnolle, M.; Rosner, G.; Rossi, L.; Rudolph, H.; Scheel, C.; Schmitt, L.; Siebert, H.-W.; Simon, A.; Smith, V.; Thilmann, O.; Trombini, A.; Vesin, E.; Volkemer, B.; Vorwalter, K.; Walcher, T.; Wälder, G.; Werding, R.; Wittmann, E.; Zavertyaev, M.V.


The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields 52 (2007), No.4, pp.857-874
ISSN: 1434-6044
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISE ()

We present a comprehensive study of the inclusive production of V 0V0 pairs (V0=, or KS ) by - and - of 340 GeV/c momentum and neutrons of 260 GeV/c mean momentum in copper and carbon targets. In particular, the dependence of the xF spectra on the combination of beam-particle and produced V0V0 pair is investigated and compared to predictions obtained from PYTHIA and QSGM calculations. The data and these predictions differ in many details, the agreement can at best be termed as qualitative. A signal from decays of the tensor meson f'2(1525) was observed in the KS KS mass distribution and inclusive production cross sections were measured. No signal was found from the double-strange H-dibaryon decaying to .