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Full day modelling of V-shaped organic solar cell

: Andersson, B.V.; Würfel, U.; Inganäs, O.


Solar energy 85 (2011), No.6, pp.1257-1263
ISSN: 0038-092X
ISSN: 0375-9865
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Solarzellen - Entwicklung und Charakterisierung; alternative Photovoltaik-Technologie; Farbstoff- und Organische Solarzellen

Folded and planar solar cells are examined with optical simulations, with the finite element method. The maximum photocurrent densities during the full day are compared between cells of different geometries and tilting angles. The change of incident angle and spectrum over time are handled in this analysis. The results show that the light trapping effect of the folded cell makes these cells show higher maximum photocurrent densities than the planar cells during all hours of the day. This is the case for both single and tandem cells. The results also indicate that balancing the currents in the tandem cells by adjusting the active layer thickness may be more cumbersome with the folded tandem cells than the stacked planar cells.