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Toward Portable Instrumentation for Quantitative Cocaine Detection with Lab-on-a-Paper and Hybrid Optical Readout

: Walczak, R.; Dziuban, J.; Szczepaska, P.; Scholles, M.; Doyle, H.; Krüger, J.; Ruano-Lopez, J.

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Procedia chemistry. Online journal 1 (2009), No.1, pp.999-1002
ISSN: 1876-6196
Eurosensors <23, 2009, Lausanne>
Journal Article, Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Detection of cocaine on the level of a few ng/ml by the use of lab-on-a-paper test co-working with OLED light source as exciatation light source and CCD-based detection unit is described in this paper. The new method enables not only yes or now answer of drug presence in a tested sample but also concentration of the drug in the sample. Presented here results opens a new way toward portable instrumentation for point-of-care detection of cocaine (and in the future other drugs) in sweat of for example professional drivers. This device will be a drug-tester similar to widely now used alcohol testers.