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Metastable behavior of anion-site donors in InAs

: Risse, M.; Vianden, R.


Journal of applied physics 93 (2003), No.5, pp.2648-2652
ISSN: 0021-8979
ISSN: 1089-7550
Journal Article
Fraunhofer INT ()
annealing; deep levels; III-V semiconductor; indium compounds; perturbed angular correlation technique; metastable behavior; anion site donor; InAs; EL2 center; DX center; sp hybridization; group V site; final lattice site; fermi level

The metastability of the well-known EL2 and DX centers in III-V compound semiconductors are now understood theoretically to be due to the same basic mechanism, namely, the different possibilities of sp hybridization. Analogous theoretical considerations suggest that group VI and VII impurities on a group V site could exhibit similar properties. In the present study, the perturbed angular correlation technique was employed to study the behavior of the radioactive halogen /sup 77/Br-which decays to /sup 77/Se-after implantation into InAs depending on the annealing procedure and the predoping of the base material. A strong correlation of the final lattice site with the position of the Fermi level was found, and a detailed description of the possible lattice surrounding of the /sup 77/Br(/sup 77/Se) probe is given.