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Thin silicon carbide coating of the primary mirror of VUV imaging instruments of solar orbiter

: Schühle, U.; Uhlig, H.; Curdt, W.; Feigl, T.; Theissen, A.; Teriaca, L.

Marsch, E. ; European Space Agency -ESA-, Paris:
Second Solar Orbiter Workshop 2006. Proceedings. CD-ROM : 16 - 20 October 2006, Athens, Greece
Noordwijk: ESA Publications Division, 2007 (ESA SP 641)
Paper P83
Solar Orbiter Workshop <2, 2006, Athens>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOF ()

We investigate the thermo-optical and vacuum-ultraviolet properties of thin silicon carbide (SiC) coatings on transparent substrates in view of their use for Solar Orbiter remote sensing VUV instrumentation. We have made experimental studies with thin SiC coatings on quartz plates to evaluate their reflective properties in the VUV spectral range between 58 nm and 123 nm. We discuss the results in relation to the visible and near infrared optical properties of the samples. A thin SiC coating of 10 nm thickness is shown to be a very promising compromise between high VUV reflectivity and low vis/IR absorption. The overall absorption of the solar spectrum by such a mirror is less than 8 %. This will be beneficial for instruments requiring a large aperture due to diffraction and radiometric limitation, in coping with the thermal heat load during the Solar Orbiter mission. As an example, we propose a design of the primary telescope mirror for the Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrome ter (EUS).