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Investigating corrosion protection of offshore wind towers. Pt.3: Results of the laboratory investigations

: Momber, A.W.; Muehlhan, A.G.; Plagemann, P.; Stenzel, V.; Schneider, M.

Journal of protective coatings & linings 26 (2009), No.11, pp.38-47
ISSN: 8755-1985
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()

This article is the third part of a report on a nationally funded project on the performance testing of different corrosion protection systems for offshore wind towers under site and laboratory conditions.1,2 Part 3 deals mainly with the corrosive stress, although researchers found that biological stress may also play a role in the conditions offshore, as described in Part 2 (April 2009 JPCL, pp. 24-34). The corrosive stress includes features such as seawater exposure, wet-dry cycles, temperature variations, construction details (joints, bolts, welds), and construction materials (material combinations). Part 3 of the study discusses the results of the laboratory investigations of several coatings on offshore wind towers and compares them with site testing of the same systems.