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Computer graphics in Germany

: Saupe, D.; Alexa, M.; Chesnais, A.; Encarnacao, J.L.


Computer Graphics 35 (2001), No.3, pp.14-21
ISSN: 0097-8930
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()

The various institution and developments in the field of computer graphics in Germany is discussed. The German Research Foundation( DFG), as recognition of research in computer graphics, sponsors a special interdisciplinary graduates study program on 3D image analysis and synthesis at the University of Erlangen-Nuremburg. The German Association for Informatics, founded in 1983, brings together about 40 representatives from Universities, colleges and industry that co-ordinate activities form five subgroups specializing in foundations and systems, imaging and visualization, graphical user interfaces, simulation and animation, and geometric modeling. Several companies and forums working in the area of computer graphics are situated in Darmstadt.