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Aluminium - Stahl - Verbundblech

Aluminium - Steel - Tailored blanks
: Viehweger, B.; Simon, S.; Wagner, L.; Berg, A.

Entwicklungen im Karosseriebau : Hamburg, 7. und 8. Mai 2002
Düsseldorf: VDI Verlag, 2002 (VDI Berichte 1674)
ISBN: 3-18-091674-5
ISSN: 0083-5560
Tagung Entwicklungen im Karosseriebau <2002, Hamburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Tailored blanks play in the bodywork an important role for the light weight construction of vehicles. Up to now available tailored blanks consist of sheet steel and have a different thickness or mechanical strength. For body parts without a necessary stability the vibrational behaviour is of importance. Therefore the material - aluminium - is very suitable. There are tailored blanks made of aluminium and steel. At the moment they only can be produced in an overlapping form by laser welding. But in this case there is the danger of building of an intergranular zone (hard and brittle), which would impede the following conversion. The introduced aluminium-steel-tailored blank is a semi finished plane sheet, that is prepared by rolling of the initial material. Considering the knowledge of cold press welding of aluminium and steel there will be no building of intergranular zones during the production of aluminium-steel-tailored blanks. This new aluminium-steel-tailored blank can be made in different thicknesses.