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Self-cleaning, self-healing and ice-repellent

: Stenzel, V.

JOT + Oberfläche. Journal für Oberflächentechnik 48 (2008), No.5 special issue, pp.4-6+4-5
ISSN: 0940-8789
German, English
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

A number of research projects have been undertaken, to develop new coating systems. Researchers are focusing on developing new coating systems that have negligible impact on the environment. The researchers are also making efforts at simplifying the application processes and integrate the function of new coating systems. It is expected that researchers will develop an increasing number of coating systems, with additional functions, such self-cleaning properties. Some of the factors that are influencing the development of new coating systems, include costs, environmental issues and regulations, rising quality standards, and new surface functions. It is expected that the integration of additional functions, will provide significant cost savings, during the production process.