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Recurrent themes and developments in the history of the Ergonomics Society

: Waterson, P.; Sell, R.


Ergonomics 49 (2006), No.8, pp.743-799
ISSN: 0014-0139
ISSN: 1366-5847
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()

This paper provides an outline of the main historical developments and recurrent themes that have taken place in the history of the Ergonomics Society (ES) over 50 years. Alongside a chronology of significant events during the period 1949-1999, a set of issues raised by interviews with prominent members of the ES and other historical materials, we focus specifically on seven main areas: the growth and influence of the ES (e.g. internationalization, membership changes); external relations (e.g. press and public relations); publications (e.g. Society journals and key texts); key individuals and institutions; influence on government and other bodies (e.g. participation in committees and inquiries); and image and identity (e.g. changes to the image of the ES over time). We conclude the paper with a summary and discussion of the key developments in the history, as well as the outstanding challenges for the future.