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Speech enhancement by adaptive noise cancellation: Problems, algorithms and limits

: Bitzer, J.; Brandt, M.

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Audio Engineering Society -AES-:
39th International Conference: Audio Forensics - Practices and Challenges. CD-ROM
New York, NY: AES, 2011
International Conference on Audio Forensics "Practices and Challenges" <39, 2010, Hilleröd>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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In this paper, a summary about adaptive noise reduction techniques for enhancing degraded audio signals in the context of forensic application is given. The surrounding conditions for the use of adaptive systems are examined at first to understand the functionality of the algorithms that are commonly employed. Built on this analysis we will give examples of self-adaptive single-channel solutions, monophonic and stereo noise-cancellers with reference signal and solutions for GSM burst removal. Furthermore, we investigate the weaknesses of the standard approaches and highlight problems that are resulting. Several difficulties generally have to be taken care of in the field of adaptive noise cancellation - approaches to those are presented, but also the limits of feasibility.