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Microdevices for separation, accumulation, and analysis of biological micro- and nanoparticles

: Kentsch, J.; Dürr, M.; Schnelle, T.; Gradl, G.; Müller, T.; Jäger, M.; Normann, A.; Stelzle, M.


IEE proceedings / Nanobiotechnology 150 (2003), No.2, pp.82-89
ISSN: 1478-1581
ISSN: 1740-9748
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IBMT ()

Microfabrication and performance of a novel microsystem for separation, accumulation and analysis of biological micro- and nanoparticles is reported. Versatile chip functions based on dielectrophoresis and microfluidics were integrated to isolate particles from complex sample solutions such as serum. A bead-based assay for virus detection is proposed. Separation of micro-and sub-m beads employing dielectrophoretic deflector and bandpass structures is demonstrated. Individual antibody coated beads with hepatitis A virus bound to their surface were trapped by negative dielectrophoresis in a field cage and analysed by fluorescence microscopy.