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Application of simulation technique on ergonomy and user interface development for a combine harvester and a truck seat to meet driver's needs, within safeguard project

: Bekiaris, E.; Amditis, A.; Sartor, S.; Dangelmaier, M.

System simulation and scientific computing. Proceedings of the Asian Simulation Conference. Vol.2 : The 5th International Conference on System Simulation and Scientific Computing, November 3 - 6, 2002, Shanghai, China
ISBN: 7-506-25571-5
Asian Simulation Conference <4, 2002, Shanghai>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Sitting motionless for long periods of time as well as experiencing vibrations while driving lead to increased back injuries among professional drivers, like truckers, tractor drivers and others. Seat design can play an important role in how much postural musculature is recruited and ensuing effects of static seating and vibration. Among the tasks undertaken within the framework of SAFEGUARD project are the development of an optimum concept seating system, with advanced comfort for drivers of combine harvesters and trucks and the development of a Virtual Reality model of a human-seat-cab interface. This paper reports on the steps followed towards developing seat-cabin ergonomy and its user interface that meet the drivers' needs with the aid of simulation techniques.