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Wear resistant tools for reproduction technologies produced by micro powder metallurgy

: Rota, A.; Duong, T.V.; Hartwig, T.


Microsystem Technologies 7 (2002), No.5-6, pp.225-228
ISSN: 0946-7076
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
wear resistant tool; cost effective production technique; large scale production; mould; quality issue; hot embossing; injection moulding; reproduction technology; micro powder metallurgy

Micro system technology (MST) needs cost effective production techniques and for the development of new MST products new materials are necessary. Reproduction technologies have been developed for large scale production which allow processing of a broad scope of materials (plastic, ceramic and metal). For these, tools are needed which have to fulfil a lot of requirements. In this paper the results of an evaluation of micro powder metallurgy (MPM) as a technology to produce highly productive tools and moulds for structuring of plastics and metals by reproduction, possibly also for difficult materials such as glass, are presented. Moulds made of iron, stainless steel and hard metal of different designs were produced and quality issues investigated. Results of hot embossing and injection moulding of metal and plastic using these inserts produced by micro powder metallurgy are given.