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Kirlian-fotografie: Zufälliges oder personenspezifisches Entladungsmuster?

Kirlian photography: Accidental pattern or individual specific pattern?
: Treugut, H.; Köppen, M.; Nickolay, B.; Füß, R.; Schmid, P.

Forschende Komplementarmedizin und Klassische Naturheilkunde 7 (2000), No.1, pp.12-16
ISSN: 1424-7364
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

Objective: Is the corona electrography of Kirlian photography an accidental pattern or an individual specific discharge pattern? Patients: 30 patients of the Stauferklinik Schwabisch Gmund, suffering from a great variety of diseases. Study De- sign: At intervals of 10-15 min 10 Kirlian photos each of all fingers and toes were taken from each patient. Out of this material, from 8 patients 4 Kirlian photos each with evident similarity of the discharge radiographs of 3 fingers were selected. These images were scanned for mathematical procedures, and heuristic measurements of the histograms were evaluated by a genetic algorithm. Results: Three pattern groups showed different heuristic measurements: accidental pattern 0.28±0.01, Kirlian pattern in general 0.3±0.02, and Kirlian pattern of the same person 0.44±0.05. Conclusions: The mathematical objectivation of the Kirlian photographs confirm the visual impression of strong similarity. Because of the lack of anatomical irregu larities and since, due to new positioning, physical and chemical surface characteristics were changed in the single Kirlian photographs, the identification of the basic pattern stresses the existence of an individual discharge pattern and thus of an individual electromagnetic field.