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Beamformung für zweidimensionale ebene Antennenarrays

Beamforming for two-dimensional linear antenna arrays
: Kuhwald, T.; Boche, H.

Frequenz 54 (2000), No.7-8, pp.154-161
ISSN: 0016-1136
ISSN: 2191-6349
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

This paper presents a beamforming algorithm for two-dimensional linear antenna arrays. The given algorithm allows to control the beampattern in both directions, the azimuth- and the elevation-angle. Based on the implications of smart antennas on the capacity of future mobile communication systems, the optimal behavior of the beampattern is shown. General restrictions with respect to the degrees of freedom using two-dimensional linear antenna arrays are shown. These restrictions do not only affect beamforming algorithms but also the estimation of directions of arrival. Furthermore substantial differences to linear antenna arrays and further phenomena are shown.