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Control modulation technique for client independent optical performance monitoring and transport of channel overhead

: Rohde, M.; Caspar, C.; Raub, F.; Bramann, G.; Louchet, H.; Habel, K.; Bachus, E.-J.

Sorin, W.V.:
OFC 2002, Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibit. Technical digest : March 17 - 22, 2002, Anaheim
Washington, DC: OSA, 2002 (Trends in optics and photonics series 70)
ISBN: 1-55752-701-6
Optical Fiber Communication Conference <2002, Anaheim>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()

A control modulation technique for optical performance monitoring and transport of channel overhead independent of the client data and without optoelectronic conversion in the client data path was demonstrated. The technique involved an additional optical modulation of the WDM client signal by an RF subcarrier above the client spectrum in order to make the performance monitoring sensitive to degradation effects at high modulation frequencies. By modulating the RF subcarrier with a digital control signal, an over-all digital quality criterion BER was gained that took into acount the relevant degradation effects.