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60 GHz WLAN applications and implementation aspects

: Schulte, B.; Peter, M.; Felbecker, R.; Keusgen, W.; Steffen, R.; Schumacher, H.; Hellfeld, M.; Barghouthi, A.; Krone, S.; Guderian, F.; Fettweis, G.P.; Ziegler, V.


International journal of microwave and wireless technologies 3 (2011), No.2, pp.213-221
ISSN: 1759-0795
ISSN: 1759-0787
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

Various wireless applications are currently under development for the unlicensed 60GHz band. This paper describes three examples with different system requirements. The first two are point-to-multipoint wireless networks (in an airplane and in a car) and the third one is a short range point-to-point connection. Special requirements of the applications are a high number of users for the point-to-multipoint connection and a high data rate of 10Gbit/s for the point-to-point connection system. Implementation aspects are pointed out, which are important to demonstrate the functionality of the system in a relevant environment and are key aspects to develop the related products. For example, integration aspects of the antenna into an airplane passenger seat and the receiver concept of the radio frequency-(RF) front-end to reducing the power consumption at ultrahigh data rates are described. Additionally, to determine the geometrical system architecture, ray-tracing simulations inside an aircraft and inside a car were performed.