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Silvergame - ein Projekt für soziale Integration und multimediale Interaktion älterer Menschen

Silver gaming for social inclusion of elderly
: Seewald, B.; John, M.; Senger, J.; Belbachir, A.N.


Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik : E & I 127 (2010), No.7-8, pp.212-215
ISSN: 0932-383X
ISSN: 1613-7620
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FIRST ()

This paper reports the Silvergame project objectives and activities for fostering the social inclusion and well-being of elderly persons. The technological advances in information and communication technologies are exploited for building an interactive platform bringing elderly persons out of their isolation. This platform will host entertainment and multimedia activities like gaming, singing, dancing and car driving for initiating and promoting activities for social interactions of elderly persons. The targeted multimedia platform will be developed within the Silvergame initiative during 26 months where end-users, psychologists and sociologists will contribute to define easy-to-use services for social interactions and well-being of elderly persons.