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High-performance deep-ultraviolet optics for free-electron lasers

: Gatto, A.; Thielsch, R.; Heber, J.; Kaiser, N.; Ristau, D.; Günster, S.; Kohlhaas, J.; Marsi, M.; Trovo, M.; Walker, R.; Garzella, D.; Couprie, M.E.; Torchio, P.; Alvisi, M.; Amra, C.


Applied optics 41 (2002), No.16, pp.3236-3241
ISSN: 0003-6935
ISSN: 1539-4522
ISSN: 1559-128X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
high-performance deep-ultraviolet optic; free-electron lasers; coating technique; low loss high reflectivity dielectric mirror; long lifetime; harsh synchrotron radiation environment; free-electron-laser oscillator; extracted power; optimized transmission mirror; optical coating; X-ray optic; lasing performance

Working with wavelengths shorter than the deep ultraviolet involves the development of dedicated optics for free-electron lasers with devoted coating techniques and characterizations. High-performance deep- ultraviolet optics are specially developed to create low-loss, high- reflectivity dielectric mirrors with long lifetimes in harsh synchrotron radiation environments. In February 2001, lasing at 189.7 nm, the shortest wavelength obtained so far with free-electron-laser oscillators, was obtained at the European Free-electron-laser project at ELETTRA Synchrotron Light Laboratory, Trieste, Italy. In July 2001, 330- mW extracted power at 250 nm was measured with optimized transmission mirrors. Research and development of coatings correlated to lasing performance are reported.