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RoomComputer - a platform for integrated building services

: Reinema, R.

Wirtschaftsinformatik 44 (2002), No.4, pp.367-373
ISSN: 0937-6429
Journal Article
Fraunhofer SIT ()
RoomComputer; integrated building service; embedded system; Internet; Intranet; distributed system; lighting; heating; ventilation; climate; communication facility; entrance control; maintenance; house-keeping; charging; billing

The RoomComputer is an embedded system and as such offers unprecedented chances to manage buildings. Several RoomComputers can be networked via the intra-/Internet, which makes it possible to monitor, control, and manage rooms and buildings on a unified worldwide accessible platform, irrespective of any particular local technology. It can be easily installed in any building and gives access to a full set of services. It implements a distributed system, which provides secure and controlled access to services like: control of lighting, heating, ventilation, air and climate; communication facilities like unified messaging, telephone, fax, etc.; reservation of rooms and required resources; localization of persons and equipment within rooms and buildings; entrance control (i.e. locking/unlocking doors); organization of maintenance and house-keeping, and charging and billing.