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Study 6 - Extracting consumers needs for new products - a web mining approach

: Thorleuchter, D.; Poel, D. van den; Prinzie, A.

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Created on: 1.7.2011

Thorleuchter, D. ; Poel, D. van den; Prinzie, A.:
Essays on text mining for improved decision making : Thesis contains seven Fraunhofer INT studies
Zelzate, Belgien: University press, 2011
Book Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer INT ()
web mining; text classification; new product development; knowledge discovery

Here we introduce a web mining approach for automatically identifying new product ideas extracted from web logs. A web log - also known as blog - is a web site that provides commentary, news, and further information on a subject written by individual persons. We can find a large amount of web logs for nearly each topic where consumers present their needs for new products. These new product ideas probably are valuable for producers as well as for researchers and developers. This is because they can lead to a new product development process. Finding these new product ideas is a well-known task in marketing. Therefore, with this automatic approach we support marketing activities by extracting new and useful product ideas from textual information in internet logs. This approach is implemented by a web-based application named Product Idea Web Log Miner where users from the marketing department provide descriptions of existing products. As a result, new product ideas are extracted from the web logs and presented to the users.