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Roomware-moving toward ubiquitous computers

: Tandler, P.; Streitz, N.; Prante, T.


IEEE micro 22 (2002), No.6, pp.36-47
ISSN: 0272-1732
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPSI; 2007
collaborative work; ubiquitous computing; Working Environment; user/environment collaboration; multiple interconnected device; roomware; computer-augmented object; computer-based information device; information interface

Collaboration between users and environments with multiple interconnected devices will determine, to a large degree, approaches to work and everyday activities. An example of this type of device is roomware, or computer-augmented objects resulting from the integration of room elements, such as walls, doors, and furniture, with computer- based information devices. The roomware components that we have developed at Fraunhofer IPSI support the vision of a future where our surroundings act as an information interface, and the computer as a device disappears from our perception. Three main observations influenced the creation of roomware components: the growing importance of information technology; the need to integrate information technology with the environment in which it is used; and the recognition that new work practices will emerge to cope with the increasing rate of the innovation.