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Effects of high energy milling on densification behaviour of Mo-Si powder mixtures during pressureless sintering

: Schubert, T.; Böhm, A.; Kieback, B.; Achtermann, M.; Scholl, R.


Intermetallics 10 (2002), No.9, pp.873-878
ISSN: 0966-9795
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Mo-Si powder mixture; pressureless sintering; green compact; densification behaviour; high energy milling effect; pre-formed silicide phase; Mo/Si

The present paper reports on basic investigations of the controlled reaction sintering of MoSi/sub 2/-based materials, including particle reinforced composites. It is shown, that certain amounts of pre-formed silicide phase in the powder mixtures are useful to achieve high densities by pressureless sintering of green compacts. This partial phase formation of alpha MoSi/sub 2/ can already take place during the mechanical treatment of the elemental powder mixtures by milling. In this context the role of volume changes linked with the phase formations is discussed.