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Determination of packaging material properties utilizing image correlation techniques

: Vogel, D.; Kühnert, R.; Dost, M.; Michel, B.


Journal of electronic packaging 124 (2002), No.4, pp.345-351
ISSN: 1043-7398
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZM ()
image correlation techniques; thermo-mechanical reliability; component reliability; defect initiation; defect propagation; multilayer structures; WLP; flip chip technology; micro materials testing; strain measurement; displacement measurement; microscopic regions; microDAC; nanoDAC; CTE measurement; crack testing; AFM testing; atomic force microscope

Thermo-mechanical reliability in advanced electronic packaging requires new materials testing approaches. The necessary understanding of the impact of very local material stressing on component reliability leads to the need of materials testing and characterization on microscopic scale. For example, defect initiation and propagation in multilayer structures as in WLP and flip chip technology, the influence of material migration to mechanical behavior or defect development in ultra-thin silicon dies often are not well understood. A key for micro materials testing and characterization is the measurement of strains and displacements inside microscopic regions. Correlation techniques (e.g., microDAC, nanoDAC) are one of the promising tools for that purpose. Their application potentials to micro testing for electronic packaging materials are demonstrated in the paper. More in detail, CTE measurement and crack testing are discussed. First attempts for testing under AFM conditions and their results are considered