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The Angel Ring: Exploration of Different Stages of Tactile and Visual Feedback in UbiComp Environments

: Elmasllari, E.
: Oppermann, R.; Prinz, W.; Reiners, R.

Aachen, 2011, XXXI, 247 pp.
Aachen, TH, Master Thesis, 2011
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer FIT ()
ubiquitous computing; multimodal feedback; multistage feedback; implicit interaction; interaction-by-doing; wearable computing; ring; allergy

Multimodal feedback, i.e. the perception via several senses at the same time, is what we receive in daily life. Ubiquitous computing, with its idea of embedding computers in everyday objects and tasks, needs to use multimodal feedback to mimic the worlds behavior. This thesis investigates whether multimodal, multistage feedback is appropriate in item search and selection scenarios. We look for effective, easy to learn, and easy to use ways to give such feedback, and analyze related privacy issues. To evaluate the approach, we build a prototype system applying the DIA cycle and user-centered design. The system supports a user in finding and choosing food products that match her criteria, for example allergies, diet, or personal preferences. No explicit commands are used. The system follow s the interaction-by-doing paradigm, where the computer infers the users aim and helps her achieve it. We evaluate the prototype regarding effectiveness, ease of use, ease of learning, privacy, and user satisfaction. Several feedback patterns for alerts and navigation are also evaluated. Overall, 31 users assisted the development of this thesis, 15 in the first iterations and 16 in the final user evaluation. The results gathered establish the appropriateness of a multistage, haptic and visual feedback combination for search and selection scenarios. Finally, we discuss other information services where this kind of feedback may be useful, as well as possible problems to be aware of.