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Ausgewählte Betriebserfahrungen mit Windkraftanlagen im Binnenland

Operational experience with inland wind energy converters

Deutsches Windenergie-Institut -DEWI-, Wilhelmshaven:
DEWEK '94. Tagungsband. Tl.1
Wilhelmshafen, 1994
Deutsche Windenergie-Konferenz (DEWEK) <2, 1994, Wilhelmshafen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWES ()

A great deal of long-term operational experience has been gained from the application of modern wind energy converters (WECS) in many coastal regions, while the knowledge of inland-specific conditions for WEC operation is still limited. The following paper characterises the wind regime of coastal and inland locations using certain parameters (Weibull distribution, turbulence intensity) and calculates mean specific energy output (kWh/ mla) for different categories of WEG sites. The operational behaviour of two WECs of the same model operating at different sites is compared. Finally, some climatologieal features of inland and coastal locations regarding failure causes are treated. Evaluations of the so-called "Scientific Measurement and Evaluation Programme (WMEP)" in the German "250 MW Wind" Programme are used as the main source of information