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193 nm laser induced fluorescence in fluoride thin films

Laserinduzierte Fluoreszenz in Fluoridschichten bei 193 nm Anregung
: Heber, J.; Mühlig, C.; Triebel, W.; Danz, N.; Thielsch, R.; Kaiser, N.

Applied physics. A 75 (2002), No.6, pp.1-6
ISSN: 0340-3793
ISSN: 0721-7250
ISSN: 0947-8396 (Print)
ISSN: 1432-0630 (Online)
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
dielectric thin films; optical properties of bulk materials and thin film; photoluminescence

Fluorescence experiments have been performed to study the interaction of 193 nm laser radiation with dielectric thin films of LaF3, AlF3, and MgF2. Spectral and time resolved measurements reveal the presence of cerium in LaF3 and the influence of hydrocarbons in MgF2 and LaF3. Virtually no fluorescence response is observable in the case of AlF3. Supplementary measurements on multilayer stacks confirm the contribution of hydrocarbons and cerium emission in high reflective UV mirrors upon ArF excimer laser irradiation. Energy density dependent measurements indicate a linear absorption process as the origin of UV laser induced fluorescence in LaF3. Luminescence calculations are applied as a helpful tool in order to account for interference effects, inherently to be found in the multilayer emission spectra.