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Evaluation of the Respicon as a personal inhalable sampler in industrial environments

: Koch, W.; Dunkhorst, W.; Lödding, H.; Thomassen, Y.; Skaugset, N.P.; Nikanov, A.; Vincent, J.


Journal of environmental monitoring 4 (2002), No.5, pp.657-662
ISSN: 1464-0325
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
Respicon; air pollution

The Respicon has been introduced as a sampler for health related measurements of airborne contaminants at workplaces. The instrument is aimed at simultaneous collection of three health related aerosol fractions: (a) the coarser inhalable fraction, defining the aerosol fraction that may enter the nose and mouth during breathing; (b) the intermediate thoracic fraction, defining the fraction that may penetrate beyond the larynx and so reach the lung; and (c) the finer respirable fraction, defining the fraction that may penetrate to gas exchange region of the lung.