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Speicherung und Beseitigung von Wasserstofffehlern bei Strahlen- und Wärmebearbeitung

: Chernov, I.; Cherdantzev, Y.; Lider, A.; Tyurin, Y.; Surkov, A.; Kröning, M.; Baumbach, H.

Fizika i chimija obrabotki materialov = Physics and chemistry of materials treatment (2002), No.3, pp.55-59
ISSN: 0015-3214
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
Titan; Wärmebehandlung; Wasserstoff; Strahlung

By the means of electron-positron annihilation method, defects formation in titanium under electrolytic hydrogen charging from LiOH+H2O solution has been studied. Effects of thermal annealing and electron irradiation of defect structure of hydrogen-containing titanium were investigated. Mean positron lifetime and F-parameter were found to be decreased after electron irradiation of hydrogen-charged specimens. Effects observed are connected with defect structure modification induced by rapid hydrogen migration and defects annihilation.