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Verfahren zum Erzeugen eines Bereiches mit erhoehtem Brechungsindex und ein Substrat mit oertlich variablem Brechungsindex

Method for producing area with elevated refractive index in polycarbonate substrate utilized in e.g. communication device, involves producing evanescent field in channel by light, and detecting molecules in channel
: Bollmann, D.; Strohhoefer, C.; Feil, M.

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DE 102009025072 A: 20090616
DE 102009025072 A: 20090616
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(A1) Ein Verfahren zum Erzeugen eines Bereiches (120) mit erhoehtem Brechungsindex umfasst das Bereitstellen eines Substrats (110) aus Polycarbonat und das Erzeugen des Bereichs (120) im Substrat (110) durch eine Bestrahlung. Dieser Bereich (120) mit erhoehtem Brechnungsindex kann einen Lichtwellenleiter bilden.


WO 2010146077 A1 UPAB: 20110106 NOVELTY - The method involves providing a polycarbonate substrate, and forming a channel (110) with opposite lying side walls (112a, 112b). An area with an increased refractive index is produced as an optical wave guide (120) in the substrate along the opposite lying side walls and along a base (114) via radiation so that light (130) produces an evanescent field (132) in the channel, during passing of the optical wave guide. Molecules (140) are detected in the channel via mutual effect of the light with the evanescent field. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a substrate that comprises a photo-detector. USE - Method for producing an area with an elevated refractive index in a polycarbonate substrate, which is utilized in a communication device (all claimed). Uses include but are not limited to a computer, telephone, camera, multi-media device, smart card and opto-electronic component. ADVANTAGE - The method enables local changing of the refractive index in the biocompatible substrate in a simple manner.