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Partikelmesskopf, Partikelmessvorrichtung und Partikelmessverfahren zur Messung der Partikelfracht von Fluiden

Particle measuring head for measuring particle content of e.g. air, has light guide device discharging light from measuring region from direction under change of main beam direction
: Grimme, Ralf; Gommel, Udo; Gröning, Martin; Boos, Stefan

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DE 102009030691 A: 20090626
DE 102009030691 A: 20090626
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(A1) Die Erfindung betrifft einen Partikelmesskopf, eine mit einem solchen Partikelmesskopf ausgestattete Partikelmessvorrichtung sowie ein Verfahren zur Messung von Partikeln in einem Fluid unter Verwendung dieser Partikelmessvorrichtung.


DE 102009030691 A1 UPAB: 20110119 NOVELTY - The head has a measuring region (2) in which a fluid e.g. air, gas or liquid, to measured is introduced. A light guide device (6) guides light in to the measuring region under changing of main beam direction. Another light guide device (9) discharges light from the measuring region from a direction under change of the main beam direction. The light guide devices comprise an optical fiber (7) such as a glass fiber, hollow wave guide or a metal coating pipe. The light guide device comprises a tilted mirror (8) and/or a prism, with which light is deflected by 90 degrees. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (1) a particle measuring device comprising a detector (2) a method for measuring particle content of a fluid. USE - Particle measuring head for measuring particle content of a fluid e.g. air, gas and liquid (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - The head is mounted and manufactured in a simple manner, modified in a quick and cost effective manner, ensures high measuring capacity, and operated even by an untrained personnel.