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Correction and compensation of thermal deformation on the example of feed drives and frame units

Presentation held at CIRP January Meetings 2011, 26-28 January 2011, Paris
: Neugebauer, Reimund; Drossel, W.-G.; Ihlenfeldt, S.; Richter, C.

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2011, 24 Folien
International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP January Meetings) <2011, Paris>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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Up to 80 per cent of machining deviations are caused by time dependent and process-oriented temperature influences. Because of Development trends like the minimal quantity lubrication or dry processing and the continuous increase of work piece accuracy and power density of machine tools the importance of thermal caused machining defects is increasing continuously! On the Example of Feed Drives and Frame Units the Influence of the distortion field is shown. By use of structure integrated actuators, phase change materials, gradient materials or shape memory alloys the compensation of thermal deformations was investigated. As a result it could be demonstrated that Energy-optimized technical solution should use semi-active and/or passive material effects. Test devices showed the functional capability of the ideas.