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Development of a self-configuration concept for a FlexRay communication system

: Königer, M.
: Heinrich, P.; Niehoff, B.

Kempten, 2011, 137 pp.
Kempten, HS, Master Thesis, 2011
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
FlexRay; TDMA; self-configuration

Current research activities try to create intelligent vehicle electronics and software which include several self-x properties. A flexible and dynamically changing communication between ECUs is required for that purpose. Due to its fixed global schedule, the FlexRay communication protocol does not provide such flexibility innately. The intention of this thesis is to develop a self-configuration concept for a FlexRay communication system. This task was reached by using a master controlled configuration mode with generic schedule on application level. An adaptive FlexRay communication is enabled in this way. The approach is not known in the literature in this form. Its correctness and functioning are proven successfully with an according proof of concept implementation on an automotive rapid prototyping system.