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MDF im Hochbau

Eigenschaften, Anwendungen, Ausblick
: Herlyn, J.W.

Holzbau-Magazin (2002), No.April, pp.33-40
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()
mitteldichte Faserplatte; Bauanwendung; Bauphysik; Holzschutz; Tragfähigkeit

As a board material with special characteristics MDF is widely used for building construction, particularly for special wall and roof applications. However, these characteristics are not regulated either by national or international standards, so their use for building construction requires the granting if general technical approvals firm the German building control authorities. Amongst other things these approvals regulate the characteristics, use, design, dimensioning and manufacture if the materials. MDF with building control authority approval is a cut above other materials used for timber construction because of its low resistance to water vapour diffusion and a lower heat conductivity, while being able to contribute to load bearing capacity at the same time.