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Graphene - production and market situation

Presentation held at German-Japanese Science and Innovation Forum 2010, October 6th, 2010, Tokyo, Japan
: Kosidlo, Urszula

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2010, 15 Folien
German-Japanese Science and Innovation Forum <2010, Tokyo>
Deutsches Wissenschafts- und Innovationsforum <2010, Tokyo>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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application; Supplier; Graphene; Werkstoffforschung; Fertigung; Markt; physikalische Eigenschaft

The field of graphene-related research has grown at a spectacular pace since single-layer flakes were first isolated. What began as an exciting material for fundamental physics has now become the focus of efforts by scientists in a wide range of disciplines. So far, the original top-down approach of mechanical exfoliation has produced the highest quality samples, but the method is neither high throughput not high-yield. Therefore, a number of alternative approaches to obtain single layers have been explored. Examples of those production methods are given in the talk followed by the introduction of applicability of graphene materials and the current market activities.