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Development of a high transconductance GaN MMIC technology for millimeter wave applications

: Haupt, C.; Maroldt, S.; Quay, R.; Pletschen, W.; Leuther, A.; Ambacher, O.


Physica status solidi. C 8 (2011), No.2, pp.297-299
ISSN: 1610-1634
ISSN: 1610-1642
ISSN: 1862-6351
International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (ISCS) <37, 2010, Takamatsu>
Journal Article, Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
GaN; HEMT; transconductance; millimetre wave

In this paper we report on the development of high transconductance GaN-based high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) to improve the performance at W-Band frequencies. At first, the influence of the barrier thickness on the maximum transconductance (gm,max) was investigated by using two different technologies: growth of thin barrier layers and deep gate recess. Second, the effect of a gate length reduction down to 100 nm on g m,max was examined. The reduction of the barrier thickness results in a strong increase of the extrinsic transconductance up to 600 mS/mm. The technology was then used to fabricate HEMTs, with a cut-off frequency of 110 GHz, which are compatible to a MMIC technology.