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Literary analytical discussion of digital storytelling and its relation to automated narration

Presentation held at the Annual Human-Computer Interaction Conference (HCI), Workshop "Understanding User Experience: Literary Analysis Meets HCI". London, 2002
: Braun, N.; Schneider, O.; Habinger, G.

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2002, 4 pp.
Annual Human-Computer Interaction Conference (HCI) <17, 2002, London>
Workshop "Understanding User Experience: Literary Analysis Meets HCI" <2002, London>
Reportnr.: 02i023-ZGDV
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IGD ()
human computer interaction; digital storytelling; non-linear story narration

Digital Storytelling, a new form of interactive narration, is discussed in regard to literary theory and computer science. The discussion leads into our approach of automated narration as a data structuring method for information systems. The usage of the approach in recent projects is quoted to describe the functional practice of interactive narrative systems in Human-Computer Interaction.