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Modularising and workflow management for a flexible engineering change management

: Gielow, Martin
: Audersch, Stefan

Rostock, 2011, 82 pp.
Rostock, Univ., Bachelor Thesis, 2011
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
engineering change management; ECM; workflow management; Java

Increasing complexity of products is a continuing trend, inevitably caused by the strive to create ever better products. This becomes obvious as one imagines sectors like the automotive, aviation and computer hardware industries. As a result processes to change products become increasingly difficult to handle. Therefore the importance of engineering change management (ECM) has grown in manufacturing industries and companies are turning towards software solutions to support them in this task.
The work at hand presents an approach to provide software-based support for ECM. It is focused on the support of small and medium-sized businesses, that require a solution that is affordable and yet adapts to their needs. The approach presented in this work meets those requirements with Java-based frameworks and libraries, that provide modularity, configurability and workflow-supported management of ECM processes. Papers dealing with similar topics are examined for potential usefulness and a look at existing commercial solutions is taken to illustrate the industry state-of-the-art. A concept for the core of a system to support ECM processes is designed and subsequently its implementation is described. Finally the results of the thesis are summarized and possible future work is outlined.