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Graphene - market situation and applications

: Kosidlo, Urszula

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Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung -IPA-, Stuttgart:
Graphene - New Material, New Perspectives? : Graphene Seminar 23rd June, 2010, Stuttgart
Stuttgart, 2010
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Graphene Seminar <2010, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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Carbon Nanotube (CNT); Einsatz; Anwendung; application; Supplier; graphene; Werkstoffforschung; Werkstoffeignung; Markt; Lieferant

Carbon nanomaterials are major keystones of modern nanoscience, starting from fullerenes discovered in 1985, through carbon nanotubes (1991), and ending at the recent discovery from 2004 - graphene, a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms. Its extraordinary properties make graphene a material of interest for many applications, for example in the fields of electronics, composites, sensors as well as energy storage and conversion. This presentation gives an overview of the applications with highest potential to enter the market in the near future, those which are more futuristic and are still in the academic research stage, ended by the introduction of the companies currently offering graphene based materials and their products.